autocomplete Autocomplete module
barcode Barcode module
base64 Base64 encoding/decoding
calendar Calendar display with events
chartjs Produce chart with json data
dataform Simple ui form from json data
datamap Shows data points on map
datatables Datatables - grid for jquery
editor Editor with rich text support
edn Parse edn (extensible data notation) data
enlighter Enlighterjs for syntax highlighting
formatter Text formatting through sequence of transformation
graphviz Graphviz text to graph
hash Hash md5 module
jimp Image manipulation using jimp
jsonlint Json lint tool
mermaid Mermaid module
openapi Openapi/swagger document generation
parsleyjs Parsleyjs for form validation
plotly Plotly.js - declarative charting library
reveal The html presentation framework
rot13 Rot13 - simple letter substitution cipher
sbase64 Url safe base64 encoding/decoding
simple_encryption Simple encyption
tempConversion Temperature conversion
template Create content using template (nunjucks)
wordcloud Graphical representation of text